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This Hurricane is Chasing Us All Underground.

Chesire is an american girl from a po' dunk town in Ohio that usually has more corn then people. She is twenty three years old, still lives at home with her mom, and does not enjoy small talk. She enjoys comic books, anime, harry potter, chick flicks, and fantasy- scifi novels. Occasionally, she leaves her room for school or work, and also to hang out with the few, select friends she has.
Jul 20 '14

they call themselves the guardians of the galaxy [1/2]

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Jul 19 '14
"Congratulations, you were the
one to love less. Here is your
reward: a trophy of a heart with
a hand over its mouth and a
lifetime of regret. Display it with
pride; it couldn’t have been easy
to bite your tongue so often."
anne, that game where you pretend you don’t care (via anneisrestless)
Jul 19 '14

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Jul 19 '14
Jul 17 '14
"The poison leaves bit by bit, not all at once. Be patient. You are healing."
Yasmin Mogahed (via beautifulsabr)
Jul 16 '14

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Jul 16 '14


*pops out of my coffin at my funeral* MAYBE IT’S THE WAY SHE WALKED

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Jul 16 '14


Joe Cummings, an aspiring actor, living in NY claims that a woman had been living in a storage area above his kitchen. He claims to have no idea how she got there and for how long she lived there. 

He noticed food was missing that he had not touched. You can see her eating his food and also using his sink as a toilet.


The story is very familiar to the case of the 58 year old woman living in a man’s closet for a year, which happened in Japan. The woman had snuck into his home when the door was unlocked. Had been taking showers and sharing his food for a year before she was discovered through hidden cameras as well.


Jul 16 '14
Benedict Cumberbatch's most sexual recording ever


Just listen to this and have multiple eargasms.

The way he says “obsession”…. omg. omfg.

Jul 16 '14

Titan aka the Mermaid Moon

Titan aka the Mermaid Moon

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